Visor Smart Vaults (NFT)

What is a Visor NFT Smart Vault?

A Visor NFT Smart Vault is a user-controlled investment vault that allow users to stake assets for active management on Uniswap v3 and various other use cases.
Users stake or lock liquidity in their Visor Smart Vaults and earn yield from active liquidity mining strategies on Uniswap v3 and from rewarding protocols without relinquishing custody of assets to a rewarding protocol, decreasing smart contract risk in the process.
The Visor NFT Smart Vault utilizes the UniversalVault standard, which allows networks of Smart Vaults to unlock & transfer liquidity via gasless cryptographic signatures.

Why use NFTs as Smart Vaults? Aren't they used for artwork?

What makes NFTs great for art is their capacity for uniqueness. Visor NFTs utilize that same quality to convey the unique profile and past history of a vault's interactions with DeFi protocols.
The ability to view this information offers accountability to DeFi community, while still maintaining the anonymity of the user.

What are the main benefits of an NFT Smart Vault?

    Active management of liquidity, maximizing returns on staked assets
    Increased security as users retain custody of their assets in their vaults, instead of relinquishing custody to a rewarding protocol
    Ability to control how liquidity is provided based on duration, source, type, and more
    Ability to view a liquidity provider's past history and profile
    Seamless inter-Vault transfers of assets via gasless cryptographic signatures
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