Information regarding the VISR Tokenomics

Visor Tokenomics Snapshot

Snapshot Date: November 9, 2021
This sheet is a snapshot. It only displays data accurate as of the snapshot date. Wallet balances are subject to change based on staking, team decisions, vesting contracts, liquidity changes, and more. For the most up-to-date token information, please consult Etherscan.

Token Distribution

VISR token distribution

Public Holders

VISR in this category is uncategorized and circulating. These include VISR held in the legacy staking contracts, VISR held in private wallets, "dust", and other accounts.

vVISR Staking

VISR in this category has been deposited into the main staking contract to collect rewards.


VISR in this category is part of liquidity pools on decentralized exchanges. These funds are considered circulating. The current liquidity pools are Uniswap V3, Uniswap V2, and the Arbitrum Gateway.

Vested Funds

VISR in this category is locked in vesting contracts. These contracts are locked with a beginning, cliff (some), and end dates. These funds include team funds, venture capital investors, partnerships, and other arrangements made by the Visor team.

Future LM Rewards

These funds will be allocated to liquidity mining reward programs.

Protocol Incentives

These funds are held for partnerships, TVL initiatives, more liquidity mining, bootstrapping pools, exchanges (both DEX and CEX listings), and a variety of other strategic costs for VISOR.

Liquidity Reserve

These funds are held as a liquidity reserve to deploy on different platforms and blockchains. Recently funds were used from this wallet to deploy on Arbitrum.


These funds are held to pay for the development, upgrades, and maintenance of Visor.

Bounties / Grants

These funds are held to pay for bounties, such as bug bounties, analytics bounties, and auditing bounties. These funds are also held for future protocol grants.

Gas Subsidies

These funds are held to subsidize gas costs to ensure the protocol runs smoothly and remains inexpensive to use.

Temporary Storage

These funds are being held in temporary storage after being relocated from legacy wallets. They are going to be transferred to a new wallet in the future.

Circulating Supply

Token Purpose

All Visor liquidity pools (both Vault and Phantom) create fees for liquidity providers. 90% of those fees are distributed to the LPs and 10% are distributed to VISR stakers. Therefore, VISR stakers are exposed to all the liquidity pools.
The VISR token will evolve with the protocol over time. Other uses could arise, such as governance (DAO) functionality, other liquidity mining programs, leverage, and much more.

Token Information

Token Symbol
Token Platform
Token Type
Contract Address
Circulating Supply
Total Supply
L2 Platforms
Yes (Arbitrum)
Other Platforms
Supported Wallets
Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, Walletconnect
Hardware Wallet Support
Staking Token
Yes (vVISR)
Governance Token
DEX Availability
CEX Availability
No Official

Legacy Tokenomics

Here you will find the VISR distribution on launch. The initial distribution occurred in March 2021. Not many things have changed since the launch. A fundraising round was conducted.
Announcing the Token Distribution and Launch of Visor Finance
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