Block Explorers
A list of important wallets, contracts, and other information from block explorers
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Token Information

VISR Token (General)
VISR token information

vVISR Token (General)
vVISR token information

VISOR NFT (General)
VISOR NFT token information

Important Wallets

Staking Wallet
Total VISR staked

Fee Accrual Wallet
Fees collecteed on rebalances

VISR Deployer Wallet
Where it all started - The first wallet


VISR Token Contract
VISR token parameters

vVISR Token Contract
vVISR token parameters

VISR / vVISR Staking Wallet Contract
Staking mechanism

Swapper Contract
Fee accrual mechanism.

Visor NFT Factory Contract
Visor NFT Smat Vault Upgrader

Hypervisor Factory Contract
Creates new hypervisors (pools)

Reward Pool Factory Contract
Reward contract

Uniswap V3 Contract
Univswap v3 liquidity and trading

Arbitrum Gateway
Arbitrum liquidity
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Token Information

VISR Token

Arbitrum (ETH) Blockchain Explorer
VISR token information
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