Visor Overview
A smarter way to DeFi


A Visor NFT is a user-controlled contract vault which holds assets, allowing safe exposure to DeFi protocols without relinquishing custody.
The Visor Finance protocol is made up of a few modular components which allow active management of assets within DeFi protocols, enabling its community to generate a high yield on liquidity pools, while minimizing costs and maintaining control of the funds.
Managing your liquidity on Uniswap V3 can be tricky. Visor does the rebalancing and optimization automatically for you, saving you time and gas fees.
Not only does your Visor Vault provide safer interactions with DeFi protocols, your Vault also allows the permissioning of assets for faster and cheaper interactions. Imagine if your interactions with leading DeFi protocols just took a signature, no gas. Unlike traditional vaults, in Visor Vaults, many actions can be taken simply by signing. Within the Visor Vault, users can gaslessly subscribe and unsubscribe to available Hypervisors.

Why Visor Finance?

Optimized: High yield for your liquidity

Liquidity providers (LP) earn superior returns from Uniswap v3 active management and additional rewards from partnering protocols. We put the robots to work for you, with automated tools and strategies that help unlock your money’s potential while saving on gas fees.
Easy: No manual trading and no trading expertise required Make your money work harder without lifting a finger. Get started with any amount, with a pair of assets or a single token. We automatically rebalance for you so that your inventory remains balanced. You don’t have to worry about managing your position — you can just leave your deposit in the vault. Visor LPs benefit from Gamma Strategies’ expertise.
Personalized: Invest in LP positions that match your wants and needs
Visor keeps adding support for new pairs and coins. Reach out to our community if you see a new opportunity for Active Liquidity Management. We are actively developing new strategies to provide more customization depending on your risk profile.
Safe & Community-Driven
Assets are securely staked in your own Smart Vault, reducing smart contract risk. Visor governance token provides transparency through decentralized governance.
Industry Leading and Forward Looking
    Partnering protocols can incentivize liquidity for their tokens by providing rewards to VISR LPs
    The DeFi Community as a whole benefits from the enhanced accountability and reputation provided by the Visor Vaults.
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